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Welcome to Vital Benefits

A True Partner with the Creativity, Communication and Technology to make Benefits work for YOU

Vital Benefits is a national benefits marketing company that has long been an innovator in helping a broad array of clients to maximize the value of their benefits. Whether you are an employer, association, credit union, broker, dealership or realtor, we can deliver a customized solution that enhances your core business, reduces expenses and increases satisfaction. We give you the technology you need to simplify benefits administration, while our exceptional one-on-one communications approach ensures that individuals truly understand the value of benefits they receive. Let us show you all the ways that Vital Benefits can be a true partner in your success.

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We know employers face a delicate balance trying to protect employee interests while meeting their own financial and business needs.  Our proven benefits and process can bridge this gap, helping you recruit and retain the best talent and meet your business objectives.
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In today’s competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on core business operations and maintain marketing efforts to grow your membership. Vital Benefits credit union marketing approach helps credit unions grow membership, open new SEG groups if needed and increase penetration in their existing SEG groups.
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Our extensive line of products will enhance any association’s existing offering to its members and allow the association to build long-term residual income.
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Working with brokers to enhance their existing offering is our expertise. Regardless of the size of your broker firm, large or small, we have something to offer. Check out our Broker Advantage Program, and we think you will agree.