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Designed to deliver flexible & affordable redundant authentication for banks, corporations, universities, government agencies, and social networking websites. Our authentication can be managed on-premise or via our hosted cloud service. Our Authentication is “Multi-Factor” and “Out-of-Band”. This enables commercial enterprise companies to have different methods of authentication, for different user populations based on risk level, cost and deployment strategies.

A cybersecurity system that creates a layered defense and prevents unauthorized access to a company's servers and network by requiring:

  • Two or more independent credentials
    • What the user “knows” (password)
    • What the user “has” (security token)
    • What the user “is” (biometric verification)
  • Sent across two or more independent networks or channels
    • Data channel (web or VPN server)
    • Telephone or mobile phone network

Key Features

We have a multitude of potential authentication methods. These methods include:

  • Out-of-Band Phone – #, PIN, OTP, and/or Voice
  • OTP delivered on-screen, to a phone via SMS, voice, email and/or Push
  • Out-of-Band “Push” – Accept/Deny, PIN and/or Fingerprint
  • Hard Tokens – Key Fob, USB Key and/or Wallet Cards
  • Mobile Tokens – IOS, Android and/or Blackberry
  • Desktop Tokens – Windows, OS X & MacOS and/or Linux
  • Supported Biometrics – Voice, Iris, Facial and Fingerprint
  • Support for FIDO

We secure access to the following resources:

  • VPN – IPSec or SSL VPNs
  • Citrix Networks
  • Web Applications – On- Site or Cloud OWA, Sharepoint, Office365, and more
  • Windows Desktop Login
  • Transactions via Out-of-Band Verification

We secure access to the following resources:

  • Self Service Portal
  • Web Manager
  • HTTP Provisioning Interface
  • Mobile “One Touch” Provisioning

We have multiple deployment options, including:

  • On-Site
    • Can be deployed completely (100%) on-site either on a physical Windows Server or a Virtual Machine based Windows Server.
  • Cloud Service
    • In our SSAE-16 hosted environment, multiple companies can be supported with each company having its own database and administration. The system is constructed in a modular fashion for high reliability, scalability and availability so as to support tens of millions of users. The cloud service is accessed via an XML web service secured by SSL and access credentials.
  • Hybrid: On-Site + Cloud Service
    • In a hybrid configuration, critical data is stored on-site and the telephony and SMS service is provided as a cloud service.