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More than just another identity theft program.

We offer the only plan the is proactive identity management and resolution plan that protects you from cyber criminals hacking your computers, laptops and mobile devices and stealing your confidential, medical and financial information.
For individuals, employees and members of affinity groups and associations
Identity theft and data breaches are the fastest growing economic crimes in the world.
  • 15.4 million U.S. Residents were victims of identity theft in 2016
  • The FTC estimates an avg. of 6 months and 200 hour of work to recover from identity theft
  • 20% of medical identity theft victims report receiving the wrong diagnosis or treatment
  • 1 million new viruses or malware threats are detected each day
  • Identity Theft results in $50 Billion in financial losses annually
  • Smartphone infections increased 83% in the second half of 2016 alone
  • 75% of the most popular malware currently being emailed to people is not detected by anti-virus software
  • Malware distributed by internet ads increased 132% in 2016 and continue to rise

Prevention Services

Your biggest threat… a keylogger

A keylogger steals every password, every credit card number, every message…EVERYTHING you type!

When you're online, you expose yourself to keylogging attacks. Without your knowledge, hackers can infect your computers, laptops and mobile devices with a keylogger when visiting social media sites, websites, reading emails, watching videos, downloading software and music files.

Keyloggers CANNOT be stopped by anti-virus or traditional theft companies.

We eliminate the threat from keylogging hackers by preventing them from detecting your keystrokes. The idea is simple, but our keystroke encryption technology is sophisticated enough to outsmart even the most aggressive keyloggers. Our anti-keylogger software stops malicious keylogging programs by encrypting keystroke data and routing it directly to your internet browser or desktop through a secure pathway that’s invisible to the keyloggers. Traditional keystroke data flows through a series of steps before it appears on your monitor. Hidden in these steps is an area of vulnerability where cyber criminals try to take advantage using keylogging spyware. Our keystroke encryption software bypasses the places keyloggers can reside, helping to eliminate your vulnerability to attack. As a second level of security, keystroke encryption protects the pathway it creates with a military-grade 256-bit encryption code. Our keystroke encryption software also sends out a sequence of meaningless numbers in place of your keystrokes, making any data collected by hackers completely useless. It is the only keystroke encryption software for commercial enterprise.


Desktop/LaptopKeystroke Encryption



Mobile Keystroke Encryption


Identity Management Services

Assisted Living Identity Support

Receive guidance for power of attorney and legal guardianship matters to assist with identity management and fraud resolution.

Child Risk

Protect your children from identity theft and related fraud that can go undetected for years by getting assistance now.

Disaster Identity Support

After a natural disaster, replace IDs and documents, access financial institutions, and communicate with family, friends or providers with our help.

Employment Identity Theft Support

Restore your identity after criminals use your personal information for employment, which can lead to fraudulent tax and medical issues.

Travel Risk

Replace lost or stolen identification, passports, visas, and other documents with our help no matter where you are in the world.

System Protection Support

Receive assistance before and after a personal computing device, such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone, is compromised.

Phish Assist

Fight phishing scams that entice you to divulge personal data. Draw on our detection and recovery support to stay secure.

Relationship Identity Support

When relationship statuses change, navigate name change requirements and creditor notifications for marriage, divorce and separation with our assistance.

Payday Loan Identity Theft

Recover your credit and good name with our assistance after criminals use your information to take out high- interest loans and then stick you with the bill.

External Breach Support

Get support when your personal information is exposed by an employer, retailer, or any other third-party organization.

Criminal Identity Theft

Restore your good name and successfully interact with government agencies when your identity is falsely linked to a crime.

Document Replacement

Replace lost, stolen, or destroyed documents and identification, and get our help notifying government agencies and providers.

Estate Identity Support

Preserve the identity and memory of deceased family members should their identifying information ever be misused.

Financial Fraud

Clear up unauthorized activity on accounts and restore your credit with help from fraud specialists.

Mortgage Identity Theft

Protect your credit, equity, and above all, your home from a crime that can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost.

Relocation Risk

Safeguard your identity when you’re on the move. Make sure sensitive information travels safely with you and that all your providers have your new mailing address.

Relocation Risk

Safeguard your identity when you’re on the move. Make sure sensitive information travels safely with you and that all your providers have your new mailing address.

Medical Identity Support

Restore your medical history and benefits after fraud to help protect your physical and financial well-being.


Get support when you’ve experienced a break-in at their home, auto or boat, a fraud specialist can provide tips on how best to protect important identity, financial and personal information.

Debt Tagging

Recover your good name after your financial information is incorrectly linked to another person’s outstanding debt.

Email Compromise

Helps thwart, detect and recover from email hacking that can lead to fraud. Plus, we help manage your identity and privacy in online communications.

Government Benefits Identity Theft

Helps safeguard government benefits from thieves who can disrupt your life by depleting unemployment, child support, or Social Security benefits.

Financial Identity Theft

Regain financial stability after thieves take over existing financial accounts or open new accounts and run up debt in their name.

Social Media Identity Support

Manage your family’s reputation on social networks — and protect their identities and credit — with help from our fraud experts.

Military Risk

Protect your identity and credit with active-duty military fraud alerts on your accounts when defending our nation abroad.

Utility Identity Theft

We help you untangle difficult-to-resolve identity theft used for pricey cable services, power bills and more.

Resolution Services

  • Access to Personal Fraud Specialist

    Unlimited one-on-one access to a dedicated fraud specialist

  • Placement of Fraud Alerts

    Fraud specialist-assisted notification to place fraud alerts with the appropriate credit bureaus.

  • Access to Identity Theft Resolution Center

    Unlimited access to our experienced fraud specialists via a toll-free number to answer questions and resolve identity theft issues.

  • Assistance Filing Police Report

    We’ll direct you in filing the police report by indicating the information that should be included in the report.

  • Fraud Victim Affidavit

    A fraud specialist will assist you in the creation of an affidavit.

  • Credit Grantor Notification

    We will assist with the phone calls and documents required to facilitate notification to credit grantors.

  • Governmental Agency and Association Notification

    We will provide assistance with notification to applicable government agencies or associations. The nature of the assistance and the applicable government agencies is going to be determined on a case by case basis depending upon the nature of the account takeover or identity theft.

  • Credit and Fraud Monitoring Provided to Fraud Victims

    Depending on the type of fraud experienced, Covered Party may be enrolled in one year of monitoring with email notifications. The type of fraud experienced will factor into which type of monitoring plan that they will be enrolled.

  • Creation of a Comprehensive Case File

    We’ll provide a comprehensive case file available for a presentation to the Business for insurance claims and to law enforcement. We will create a comprehensive case file during the resolution process that documents identified fraud and resolution work. This can be used by law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys to assist the prosecution of perpetrators of identity theft.

  • Active Post Fraud Follow-Up

    Once the case is determined to be “CLOSED”, the Covered Party will receive a six (6) month follow up from their fraud specialist to make sure that there is no more activity and that identity resolution has been successful