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GAP Insurance

End the Worry Over High Out-of-Pocket Hospital Costs

Medical care is expensive, and costs continue to increase. One unexpected hospitalization or emergency room visit can obligate your employees to pay their entire deductible at once. Gap insurance can reduce the amount employees have to pay.

What’s even better is that employees can’t be turned down for coverage. As long as they have underlying major medical or comprehensive health insurance, are 18 or older and work at least 20 hours per week, they will qualify.

Coverage for the Gaps in Today’s Medical Plans
GAP Insurance Beneftis
  • Guaranteed-issue Coverage
  • Family Coverage
  • HSA-Compatible Plan Option
  • Hospital and Outpatient Visits
  • Doctor Office and Wellness Benefits
  • For the Worksite Market
Option Riders
  • In-hospital Benefit
  • Outpatient Benefit Rider
  • Physician Benefit Rider
  • Wellness Benefit Rider

Insurance policies underwritten by Washington National Insurance Company, home office: Carmel, IN.
LIMITED-BENEFIT POLICIES. These policies have limitations and exclusions. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact an agent.

The return of premium (ROP) or cash value (CV) (in MO, “cash return”) benefit is subject to state and product availability. The benefit has an additional charge and may pay minus claims or regardless of claims based on the policy selected. The policy must remain in force until the end of the ROP/CV period for the benefit to be paid.