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Home Warranty

Home Warranty Plans

Our home warranty program can be white labeled, custom built on several chassis. We can work with your group to design a home warranty plan from scratch that makes sense for your customer portfolio and needs. Our home warranty plans work in a similar way to how we build our health plans. When we build a self-insured health plan unlike the old self-insured plans, the new plans have little risk. Actuarily we have so much history on custom plans that in many cases we can build in a dividend back to your group.

We build our home warranty plans much in the same way

  • Consult with your group to customize a home warranty plan that is unique for your customers
  • Create custom customer fulfillment pieces
  • Use our risk calculators and history evaluations to ensure a stable and very profitable plan
  • Collect premiums through our in-house TPA company
  • Assist in setting up the reinsurance captive entity on your behalf

Manage the plan

  • Provide coverage 24×7 for customers with emergencies
  • Allow customers to file claims where and when they want to by utilizing chat, email, web self-help, or calling a toll free number
  • If one of our service providers is not in your area you can use any qualified service provider of your choice
  • Provide a branded customer self-help site and allow the customers to request service when they want

Another scenario would be to totally white-label the home warranty plan

  • Work with you to design the home warranty plan
  • Create custom customer fulfillment pieces
  • Build the reinsurance captive
  • Collect premiums through our in-house TPA company, receive residual income and in some cases split a portion of the profit pool above commissions
  • We can customize a warranty that you own and control. We use our actuary history and assist you in putting together the reinsurance piece and administer the plan on your behalf.
  • If you have an immediate need you can market our generic Windsor Home Guard home warranty plan.