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Personal cybersecurity and identity protection for you and your family

More than 40 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft. Yet, many still don’t take their personal cyber security seriously. 40% admit they don’t regularly check their credit reports. Worse yet, most still use simple, easy-to-remember passwords (which are also easily hacked).

Unfortunately, people still have a relaxed and often times careless behavior when conducting online banking activities and other sensitive financial business, with no concern about open Wi-Fi networks which are accessible by EVERYONE. Even so-called SSL protected websites are not as safe as you think they are. This is your hard earned money and reputation we’re talking about here!

The Biggest Lie?

Consumers are not being told the truth! Anti-virus software and traditional consumer identity theft providers CANNOT stop a cybercrimnal or hacker…They are effective only AFTER your identity has already been stolen or after they themselves have identified a virus hitting the market.

What you’re NOT being told is that there are proactive ways to protect yourself from cyber criminals, like installing anti-keylogging keystroke encryption on your computers and mobile devices.

Personal Cybersecurity Stats to Consider

What does this mean?

Make no mistake; anytime you are online, you are vulnerable. If you don’t take steps to be more careful, you are at risk of becoming the next identity theft victim. It’s time to get your head out of the sand and stop thinking that identity theft could never happen to you. The truth is that taking control of your overall personal cyber security profile and protecting yourself against identity theft, might just be one of the best investments in yourself.

Doesn't my Anti-Virus Software Protect Me?

The answer is clearly NO! You likely already have an anti-virus or anti-malware program installed on your computer and you think this is enough. In reality, these programs are no match for cybercriminals.

Who is at risk?

You are. In fact, everyone is at risk. If you are ever online, cyber criminals are looking at you, figuring out the best ways to steal your information. However, there are some groups that are especially vulnerable.

Equifax, Yahoo, Xbox 360, Verizon, Uber, Arby’s, Saks 5th Avenue and DocuSign are only a few of the dozens of companies that have experienced data breaches just this year. Your information was likely stolen in at least one of these events.

If you own a business yourself, you are in serious danger of losing sensitive information or exposing your customers. Employees often conduct work off site on their personal computers, they visit questionable websites, and no one creates secure passwords for fear of forgetting them. All of this means you must protect your employees, customers and your business with keylogging encryption software. This will allow us to monitor and guard your systems, give employees the added perk of identity theft protection and create a culture of data safety throughout your organization.

Do you monitor your child’s credit history? Did you even know he had one? Thieves are particularly interested in your children’s personal information, which they can steal and start opening accounts with basically a blank slate. This is the equivalent of giving someone a blank check with your signature.

Since your child’s credit is not something you normally think about, cyber thieves can get away with using it for an extended period before you even begin to catch on. We provide you with keylogging encryption protection to prevent these wicked attacks. Additionally, if you are attacked in this way, we will help ease the pain of the slow and difficult process to make things right again.

Studies show that military families are hit by identity theft twice as much as the general public. If one or more people in your family are active service members, your family is a huge target for cyber criminals. They count on the fact that you are working hard to focus on your mission and keep your home life normal but not closely monitoring your credit.

Compounding the problem is the fact that military IDs are typically tied to your social security number, the Holy Grail for identity thieves. Although the military has begun to issue new cards without the social security number displayed, criminals can still gain access to it through the magnetic strip on the back. You help protect our country; let us protect you from identity theft with our state of the art keylogging software.

The ending of any long term relationship is stressful and may lead you to lose focus and expose you to risk. Things like joint accounts, shared financial information and passwords, and even revenge activities can leave you in danger.

Of course, you can change login information and close accounts, but that may not be enough. Talk to your bank to find out what steps need to be taken to reduce your exposure and then get the protection of keylogging software to further decrease any threats.

When you apply for and get a mortgage, every transaction becomes public record and includes your personal information, putting you in jeopardy with each form you file. Cyber thieves use this information to try and trick you into giving more information.

To protect your data, pay attention to what information gets listed and ask to have much of it hidden. Also, use our keylogging software to put your identity in good hands and keep you from falling victim to these criminals.

A mature credit history can be just as appealing as a new one. If you have done a good job of paying your bills on time and have effectively managed your credit, you are an attractive potential victim.

Elderly family members may be lonely, technologically inexperienced or suffer from mental or memory issues. Stealing mail, posing as a charity and devious telephone tricks are just a few of the ways that thieves collect valuable personal information from trusting, frightened or unsuspecting seniors. Identity theft and monitoring services with keylogging software are the perfect way to protect you or an elderly loved one.

Plans for all consumer cybersecurity needs

With a plan for every customer, we have the solution to protect your privacy and data from cyber threats. Unlike the competition, we offer the ONLY proactive, prevention-first approach.

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All Plans Include:

  • Anti-Keylogging, Keystroke Protection
  • Desktops – Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Devices – iPhone, iPad, Android & Tablets
  • Patent Protected

Affinity Group & Association Plan

Includes: Keystroke Protection for One (1) Device.

Full Plan Details

Standard Plan

Includes: Keystroke Protection for One (1) Device.

Full Plan Details

Enhanced Plan Plan

Includes: Keystroke Protection for Three (3) Devices.

Full Plan Details

As the threat of identity theft and being hacked continues to grow, an increasing number of affinity groups and associations are looking at identity theft protection as a value-added benefits.

Your lowest cost cyber security protection with credit reporting and monitoring from a single credit bureau, ID theft restoration and expense reimbursement.

Enhanced cyber security protection with credit reporting and monitoring from three credit bureaus, complete ID theft restoration and expense reimbursement.

Premier Plan

Includes: Keystroke Protection for six (6) Devices.

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Premier Plus Plan

Includes: Keystroke Protection for six (6) Devices.

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Comprehensive cyber security coverage with the identity theft prevention, protection, monitoring and resolution services you need to feel secure.

Everything you and your significant other need to protect yourself and your family.

The ONLY Plan in the industry that protects Two (2) Adults.