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Keystroke Encryption

For Apple & Android Devices

Stop Cybercriminals from hacking your mobile devices and keep your sensitive information from ever being exposed. We eliminate the threat from keylogging hackers by preventing them from detecting your keystrokes. The idea is simple, but our keystroke encryption technology is sophisticated enough to outsmart even the most aggressive keyloggers.

An estimated 16 million mobile devices are infected with mobile malware, with threats constantly on the rise. We have the world’s most advanced security suite for mobile devices, with the power to protect your confidential information, online transactions and login access against keylogging spyware. We even help you create and store hard-to-crack passwords.

They can’t hack what they can’t see

Traditional keystroke data flows from your mobile keyboard through your operating system before it appears in your apps. Hidden along the way are areas of vulnerability where cyber criminals can plant keylogging spyware. We protect your keystroke data by installing a secure encrypted keyboard that creates an alternate pathway to your apps, routing your encrypted data around the areas of vulnerability. For added security, the pathway is protected by a complex 256-bit encryption code. It is the only mobile keystroke encryption software approved for use on Apple iOS devices.

Key Features

Secure Keyboard

Encrypts keystrokes and prevents from being logged into your mobile device’s data storage, no need to keep resetting your cache.
*Works with all apps that accept a 3rd party keyboard.

Two-Factor (2FA) Authenticator

Works with all OATH-compliant authentication systems to enable secure login to internal or external sites directly from within the application without the need for a physical token.

Password Generator

Creates strong passwords based on your preferences and drops them into your password vault for future use.

Secure Web Browser

Encrypts keystrokes between your on-screen keyboard and the browser.

Encrypted Password Manager

Safely stores an unlimited number of passwords with associated websites.