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Choose a benefit that can return your premiums back to you

With the Return of Premium or Cash Value rider, you can receive a check for all premiums paid – minus claims incurred – after a specified amount of time.

You're only required to keep your certificate and this rider in force until maturity. When your money is returned, you can continue your coverage…and you could collect again.

If you are aged 66 or older when you begin a return-of-premium period, and you have kept your certificate and rider in force, you receive one-half of premiums paid, minus any claims incurred, at the end of every 10 years.

Below are three examples of return of premium potential.

No Claim

Small Claim

Large Claim

Total Premiums Paid

Claims Incurred







Amount of Return




The return of premium (ROP) or cash value (CV) (in MO, “cash return”) benefit is subject to state and product availability. The benefit has an additional charge and may pay minus claims or regardless of claims based on the policy selected. The policy must remain in force until the end of the ROP/CV period for the benefit to be paid.