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The Marketing Strategy You Can Count On!



The marketing strategy for a qualifying credit union is twofold. The first step is to repromote credit union membership and services to existing SEG groups. Step two then focuses on the solicitation and enrollment of new groups interested in joining the credit union. A “Credit Union Awareness Day” can also be arranged in conjunction with the efforts of those credit unions that are community chartered. The following is a brief overview of each phase.

Existing SEGs

Credit unions that are on the ‘grow’ tend to lose penetration in existing groups as their attention turn to new, uncharted territory. Current SEG groups need continual nurturing and attention as it pertains to maintaining and/or increasing membership percentage, as well as member education of available savings plans, loans and other services. A member out of touch may become a non-member, or by lack of participation might as well be one. We keep the benefit of being a credit union member fresh on their minds.

Existing Membership Education and New Member Process

Under the Select Employee Group Marketing program, the servicing of your existing groups entails on-site availability of our trained personnel to provide non-member education, promotion and sign-up… as well as existing member service and re-promotion of any new and existing offers.